We do not sell only machines, we provide solutions

Since 1979, Abrigo S.p.A. is an international reference point for automated systems applied to the food and non-food industry for packaging lines and ultrasonic cutting. In this field, choosing the right partner is essential for success. For this reason, we pay the utmost attention to the special aspects of each project, with strict control of each stage of its creation and long term service. Our 100% Made in Italy robotic solutions ensure cutting edge performance that will last over time. We start with the customer's needs and build machinery that is able to adapt itself to already existing lines and layouts. We can also design modular and scalable systems and even create complete lines in collaboration with our partners.

We are specializes in these industries:

Bakery & Snack
Frozen food
Coffee beverage
Coffee & Beverage
Non food

1979 - Nasce Abrigo

1979 - Abrigo was founded

Angelo Abrigo founds the company in Alba, capital of Langhe, a famous international hub in the food and wine producing industry. The first company premises are a small workshop for the construction and maintenance of mechanical components.

Abrigo macchine industriali

1983 - From components to industrial machines

Thanks to its collaboration with large confectionery groups in Piemonte, Abrigo adds the design and construction of complete machinery to the construction of components. .

Abrigo progettazione CAD width=

1993 - The digital age

Pencils, transparencies, and drafting machines make way for digital design. The collaboration with the Alba professional school leads to the purchase of the first calculator for CAD design.

Abrigo taglio ad ultrasuoni

1995 - Ultrasonic cutting

The first machine of industrial ultrasonic cutting is built.

Abrigo handling e packaging

1995 - First automatic handling and packaging system

Our automatic packaging line, in which the mechanical and electronic parts were designed by our specialized departments, is built.

Abrigo Packaging robotizzato

1999 - Robotic packaging

Abrigo applies the first industrial robots on specialized machines in the food and non food industry.

Abrigo know how packaging

2003 - Towards new markets

Abrigo expands its horizons presenting its expertise in packaging and robotic systems for the food industry to international markets. Participation in first trade Fair

2005 – Abrigo Canada

2005 - Abrigo Canada

In Brantford, Ontario, the Abrigo Spa Canadian branch opens, specializing in the sale and post-sales support of systems designed and built in Italy.

2005 – Abrigo Canada

2010 – Abrigo Robot

Designing of first Abrigo Robot

Abrigo ADNET

2012 - Adnet constitution

Abrigo is a cofounder of ADNET, a consortium company that, along with qualified partners, offers industrial automation solutions with high technological and economical value.

Abrigo ADNET

2013 – The concept of modularity

The concept of modularity and standardisation is launched

Abrigo Cina e India

2014 and 2015 - China and India

Abrigo opens its own branches in HangZhou, China and Bhosari, India.


Abrigo ADNET

2017 – Research

Intensification of research and development

Abrigo ADNET

2019 – USA

Breaking into the USA Market

Abrigo ADNET

2019 - Abrigo

40 years of history



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