Multras is the most effective and advanced ultrasonic cutting solution for round or rectangular cakes, which must be sliced into segments or portions.

Taglio ad ultrasuoni - multras
The high performance, triaxial movement, with absolute flexibility, allows unparalleled production levels and versatility. All of this completed by the maximum attention to easy cleaning and safety.

Ultrasonic blades technology applied to cutting food products. The oscillation with frequency of 20,000 periods/second, which is induced in the titanium tool, means this machine can cut the product with the following advantages:

· minimum product deformation due to very low pressure of blade
· minimum cutting waste
· minumum product adherence to the blade

This means very high aesthetic quality of the cut and general hygiene of the production process. Multras is dedicated particularly to cutting confectionery and baked products, filled or with trimmings and coating, at room or refrigerated temperatures. It can cut round products into segments or make transversal cuts in rectangular products. The three movement axes (product advancement, vertical cutting, blade rotation) are programmed in a way that the following can be easily selected from the operator panel: cutting speed, number of segments for round cakes, width of slices for rectangular cakes. Customised versions of the machine are available on request.


Diameter of round cakes – Width of rectangular cakes Up to 290 mm
Cut depth Standard 50 mm / Special 100 mm
Number of segments in round cakes Standard 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Customisable on request
Width of segments in rectangular cakes From 5 mm upwards
Production capacity 400 round cakes/hour with 12 segments
Ultrasonic frequency 20 kHz
Control system PLC, touch-screen display, tele-assistance
Marking CE, CSA, UL

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Multras taglio ultrasuoni


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