The Flexcut Multi cutting system implements the use of several Robots for the possibility of tracking, thus allowing a greater number of products to be cut simultaneously.

This configuration, designed for high levels of production, is the result of the research for maximum performance, while maintaining cutting quality and the safety of models fitted with just one Robot.

The robots are housed inside small monobloc cells. The operator can use the control panel to autonomously program the cutting recipes, which are completely parametric; this guarantees maximum system versatility.

Up to 4 blades can be installed on each robotic arm; in this way, the increase in production capacity is added to the versatility of the Flexcut system. Like all Abrigo systems, these machines have tele- assistance. This makes remote interventions possible in every area of installation.


Type of infeed product Square, rectangular, circular
Cut depth Standard 50 mm / Special 100 mm
Type of cut Rectangles, triangles, elimination of edges
Production Up to 1 cut/sec per Robot
Number of mountable blades Up to 4 per Robot
Tracking mode possible Yes
Ultrasonic frequency 20 kHz
Control system PLC, touch-screen control panel, tele-assistance
Marking CE, CSA, UL

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