Ultrasonic food cutting

Precision, hygiene, versatility. From small companies to international ones, our ultrasonic cutting machines adapt to all needs

We have been specializing in ultrasonic food cutting since the 90’s, in other words, a pioneering era for this technology. Since then, the cutting and portioning systems were engineered to maximize the advantages:

• Aesthetically pleasing cuts
• Superior cleanliness and hygiene
• Minimum product waste

Superior sanitization, self-cleaning blades, continuous flow cutting option, totally programmable cut types, maximum versatility of use, minimum maintenance, and remote assistance are key words to describe our systems.

The semi-finished products coming into our machines can originate from automatic lines as well as manual loading and can be round, rectangular, or in continuous loaves. We have the right solution for each one of these situations.
Baked cakes
Baked cakes
Layer cakes
Layer cakes
Rectangular tray products
Rectangular tray products
Products in continuous loaves to be divided into bars
Products in continuous loaves
Frozen products
Frozen products
Dairy products
Dairy products

bakery snacks Pastry Frozen food Dairy

Flexcut 1

Flexcut is the most versatile ultrasonic cutting solution for food products that must be divided into portions with cuts in all directions. Blade movement via the 4-axis robotic arm, allows unparalleled...


Multras is the most effective and advanced ultrasonic cutting solution for round or rectangular cakes, which must be sliced into segments or portions. The high performance, triaxial movement, with absolute flexibility...

Flexcut Multi

The Flexcut Multi cutting system implements the use of several Robots for the possibility of tracking, thus allowing a greater number of products to be cut simultaneously. This configuration, designed for...

Flexcut In-Line

Flexcut In-line represents the ideal solution for production realities in which the floor space available is limited. It is a cutting system from the Flexcut family fitted with its own product...

Flexcut Plus

The range of Flexcut ultrasonic cutting systems has greater flexibility thanks to the use of several blades simultaneously. In fact, Flexcut plus, can mount several blades in line, meaning a larger...



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