We create to harmonize and harmonize to create.
Through our collaboration with trusted partners and suppliers, we are able to design and create complete lines upon customer request, harmonizing and integrating the work of each machine. We always design custom, tailor-made solutions, packaged following the customer's needs and requirements in detail. Each machine is designed to be perfectly integrated in pre-existing systems and layouts, operating in synergy with the industrial system. Our solutions include all the equipment needed to connect the parts of the line, manage product flows and perform quality checks at different stages of the production process.

While we are an international company, we are also a family-run company with roots in the secular tradition of Italian craftsmanship. This allows us to adapt suddenly and gives us vertical control of our supply chain. During every stage of the process, from the definition of the technical specifications to the working, structural, and system project, we are able to make changes and variations, working quickly and efficiently to resolve any problems, and always in close contact with the customers and their needs.


Ready for change, at any moment



Solutions that last

We build machines and design solutions that last and require the least possible amount of service. Reliability also means absolute respect for delivery times. We only promise what we can deliver and we meet our commitments, optimizing work times and the delivery of "turnkey" solutions to the customer.
Our technicians and planners design solutions and products using the latest technology available on the market. We actively collaborate with the Turin Polytechnic , a global hub of engineering excellence, leveraging new ideas and creative individuals. For us, innovation also means security. We have robotic machines for preliminary draft simulations, finite element calculation stations, and electronic laboratories for experimenting on components and systems. Our technology is only delivered after careful tests and meticulous internal inspections. Research also means collaboration between offices and departments that work side-by-side in our Alba facility for daily improvement in the quality and efficiency of our systems.


We leverage new ideas and creative people



The best service starts with training

Our goal is to provide immediately functional "turnkey" solutions capable of minimizing startup times. Along with design and testing, our technicians provide complete training for the customer's staff that will be responsible for managing the machinery.
An integral part of any Abrigo solution is support throughout the life of the machine, on both the hardware and software. We monitor our customers in every part of the world and offer remote and on-site technical support.

Remote support and predictive technologies
Through built-in remote support systems, our engineers monitor each machine to resolve software or hardware problems. We install preventive and predictive maintenance technology that analyses usage and wear data on our systems. This 24/7 check of all lines allows timely and effective interventions even before problems arise.

On-site support
As agreed upon with the customer and based on the support level, our technicians and engineers can intervene directly on-site. Thanks to our international branches we can guarantee direct support in every part of the world where our machines are found.


We're here when you need us



Custom and unique machines

We create custom and unique machines that are also highly modular. Our solutions apply to many manufacturing areas and can be implemented and easily adapted to small companies needing their first automated system as well as large international groups.
We believe in a world in which the ecosystem that supports us is a heritage to be protected, not a resource to be plundered. This is why in recent years we have made environmental responsibility one of our strategic objectives. Our manufacturing departments are powered by photovoltaic energy. Heating is autonomous and comes from renewable sources such as pellets, wood, and biomass. We pay special attention to the separation of industrial waste in order to facilitate its recovery and recycling.

Intelligent components
When we design our systems we also consider savings for the customer. Accessories, mechanical parts, and motors are chosen and optimized to ensure excellent performance while minimizing consumption and energy waste.


Sustainable production



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